HID Mobile Access


Mobile connectivity has changed the way we live, work and play. From smartphones to wearables and tablets, mobile devices are ever present in today’s office environment, always on, and serve a variety of purposes. Mobile is today’s go-to technology offering convenience and portability, and is a logical step in the evolution of access control.

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Mobile Device Support
Android 4.3+ using Bluetooth® Smart Android 4.4+
iOS 7.0+ using Bluetooth Smart

Contactless Technologies
Powered by Seos utilizing Bluetooth Smart or NFC communications standards

Mobile IDs can be protected by device lock screen Over-the-air communication with session based keys secured by AES 128/SHA-256 Mobile IDs are signed and encrypted using AES 128 Mobile IDs are stored in mobile device operating system or in secure element, where available.

HID Mobile Access App

Multiple Mobile IDs managed in one application No need to start application when opening a door Consistent user experience

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