Education Overview

Education Overview

Our solutions are used by hundreds of facilities in various sectors  We are proud to have successfully delivered solutions that make a difference to our clients over and over again.

Empowers organizations to operate in a smart  environment Simplify complex operations related to people management using smartcard Powers the automation of key operations yielding Multiple benefits to the organization.

Education One Card Solution

Platform 1 Software Access Control

  • Door Interlocking
  • Active download
  • Global Anti-Passback (Peer to Peer)
  • Unlimited Access Group Configuration
  • Customizable Card Format
  • Interactive Floor Plan
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Alarm door status monitoring
  • Staircase Door monitoring
  • Fire Release
  • Support Thousands Door
  • Support from Single Site to Multi Site/Branch
  • Support Multi Monitor
  • Support OSDP Reader protocol
  • Support Entrypass Face recognition thermal Reader
  • Support biometric reader
  • Support QR Reader
  • Support Redundancy server
  • Wizard Based Configuration
  • Online Guard Tour (Pro Version)
  • Location Tracking
  • Time Attendance Report
  • On-Line Transaction Event
  • Web Module
  • Easy to connect 3rd party software HRIS using XML and Xsocket
  • HANWA CCTV Integration System

Locker Solution & Key Management System

It allows to identify keys and users and keeps you informed of key issuing and returning. The issuer simply identifies by card, presents the key to be handed over and finally the taker presents his/her card. The management software in the background records date and time the key was taken

  • Controlled access to keys
  • Equipped with full audit capabilities
  • Operates independently of your company IT network
  • Scure Storage
  • Controlled Access
  • Audit usage
  • RFID Taging
  • Integrated Charging
  • Data Syncronization

Energy Saving

Rely no longer on humans or students to ensure lights, fans or air conditioning is turned off when rooms are not in use.

Cashless Transaction

Enable a cashless environment in your institution, from the cafeteria to the bookstore and even the photocopy machines. Easy-reload machines will be placed strategically around the campus.


A unique and seamless parent pickup system that reduces confusion and improves efficiency during peak hours. A parent’s arrival is announced via digital signage inside the school compound.

EDUPurS on CLoud

EDUPurS is a new way of empowering your school or campus infrastructure with innovative technologies and cost-effective cloud solutions.

Bus Attendance Tracking System

Offer parents peace of mind with the ability to track the location, arrival and departure times of school-provided transportation, along with on-board monitoring.

Time Attendance System

Manage, monitor and react to the attendance of students or staff via an integrated system that provides a range of alerts that can be pre-stipulated.

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