High Level Lift Integration


Entrypass Platform1 High Level Lift Integration is smart elevator tailored solution for elevator system manufacturers to provide state-of-the-art elevator access control functionality. The communication backbone between Entrypass Platform1 High Level Elevator Integration and Elevator Systems manufacturer can be tailored by utilizing major communication protocols like Serial and TCP/IP based systems.

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Reduce queue time at peak hours

Reducing the overall queue time from the moment a visitor / tenant enters the building to reaching their destination.

Shorter travelling time

When passengers select their destination floor on the HCR before entering the elevator lobby area, that
information will be relayed to the elevator control system to assign a suitable elevator car that is travelling within a specific range of floors. To minimise travelling time, the passenger will be guided directly to that
dedicated car by HCR or TCR.

Contributing to passenger comfort

By selecting their destination floor on the HCR before entering the elevator, passengers do not need to struggle through a crowd to press a button inside the elevator car. And because passengers know which elevator
they are supposed to enter, they can take their time walking to their assigned elevator.

Integrated access control

To provide a seamless experience to passengers moving through secured areas utilising a single credential, Entrypass Platform1 High Level Lift
Integration can be further combined with our wide range of access control systems and applications to create a unified secured enclave.

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