QR Code Reader


Entrypass QR series consists of QR code reader and module that enables transformation of user experience in the access control and visitor management environment with more convenience, speed and security.

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Available with different technologies, QR code, Mifare Classic, DesFire EV1/EV2.

Economical mounts type.

Easily seen under dark environment with back lit design.

Tamper protection.

Support on-site Reader Configuration Card to change certain parameters.

All weatherproof design with IP65 certificate.

Universal back plate allows the reader to be installed in different size of gang box.

Metal back plate allows the reader to be installed on metal surface back to back without affecting the read range.

All input and output signals are protected against static charges.

All inputs are 12V DC protected.

Non-drop bottom screw made servicing handier.

Reverse power protection.

Stainless steel security screw.

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