Entrypass Active Networks are designed to enhance highly customized and rapid ‘real-time’ changes to the underlying network operation. Brilliantly engineered with all the power you need to enable code-sending, minus unnecessary buffer time with its distributed architecture capable of processing access demand at the edge level without leveraging at the server end.


4 In doors interlocking within the control panel, no external wiring is needed. Cross-board interlocking is achievable by checking the interlocking signal coming from second control panel before granting the accessibility to the local control panel.


DSA empower system administrator to modify the factory preset card holder and event storage database whenever necessary. Result of such modification leads a more personalized usage of the control panel memory whenever needed.


Based on the latest HCB (Hybrid Compact Board), N6400 is a high reliability, high efficiency and highly integrated intelligent multi-application control panel targeted for physical access control industry. It features a 32bits Freescale ColdFire microcontroller running at 60MHz, this control panel can fulfill most demanding requirement in physical access control environment.


Feature Highlight
  • Unlimited Access Level
  • Onboard & Cross-Board Interlocking
  • User Counting (Card Holder / Car Park)
  • Reader Output Control
  • Dynamic Storage Allocation
  • Support 100,000 Users And 200,000 Event MemorySupport Single Door / 2 Doors / 4 Doors
  • Support Dynamic Reader Location
  • Support Car Park Mode
  • Compatible with various reader technologies
  • ActiveTransmit & ActiveDownload
  • Peer To Peer Global Anti-Passback
  • Configurable Digital / Supervised inputs (8)
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