Gantner GL7p

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The Gantner GL7p is an innovatively-designed stand-alone locker lock that is the ideal solution for retrofit existing  locker cabinets. A cost-effective, secure, and intuitive electronic locker system that safely stores personal belongings. The GL7p is available with and without a PIN-Code keypad for both free, shared and assigned use.

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  • The Gantner GL7p locks are suitable for almost every type of locker material (even single-walled metal doors) and require no cabling.
  • Users can open doors with convenient and flexible credentials – PIN number, or smart keycard.
  • Available with and without a PIN-code keypad, a combined use of both variants is easily possible.
  • Keypad operation with four codes for high security.
  • All communication between the carrier and the electronic lock is encrypted and secured.
  • Customized printing on the push button is possible.
  • Easy to install and retrofit, it can replace your existing lockers and fits any door through a totally wire-free electronic locking solution.
  • Easy to maintain: Battery change is all that’s needed.
  • Easy to use by simply pressing knob.
  • Status indication via push button position.
  • Based-on multi-application RFID works with every popular smart keycard covering mainstream RFID technologies.

Technical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 140 mm x 37,7 mm x 43,4 mm.
  • Power supply: 1 x 3,6V lithium battery, size AA.
  • Vertical and horizontal installation.
  • Battery change from outside.
  • Mechanical lock (motor) for highest reliability.
  • Operating temperature: -20ºC to +60ºC.

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