Face Recognition Terminal



WAMA face recognition terminal is a touchless, swift, and highly accurate user authentication system that is predominantly developed in an edge-based architecture. With a capacity of storing up to 10,000 faces, the face detection, recognition and matching processes are all implemented inside the system, there is no need for an external server, internet connectivity or 3rd party services. All personal data are stored and fully managed by the owners of the system hence data privacy issue is fully under controlled.


Besides authenticating identity, the FA-MR0M1T and FA-MR0M2T face recognition terminals also measure the temporal temperature of people. The system not only protects premises from intrusions, but also refrains access of people with high temperature, minimizing the chance of virus/disease transmission.



The binocular cameras capture dual images illuminated by using visible and infra-red (IR) light sources. Our proprietary algorithm determines whether the detected face is from a genuine human by measuring the spectral correlation of the key feature points on the faces showing in these images. It is proven to be an effective approach for anti-spoofing in face recognition applications.



Face Recognition Terminal with Forehead Fever Detection
Liveness detection, fever detection, 10000 face database, Wiegand port

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