BioStation 3


BioStation 3 sets a new standard in access control, providing a new door access experience
that enables improved security across all doors, for organizations of all sizes. This terminal is
smaller than previous model, yet it has the largest variety of features.

With highly advanced facial recognition, access credentials and usability features, BioStation 3
makes it easier than ever to safely, securely and conveniently protect an organization’s physical
security and users’ personal data.

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Multiple Contactless Access Methods

BioStation 3 provides multiple credential options. Choose from the most convenient authentication methods all contactless and perfectly compatible with a post-pandemic world.

Fast and Smart AI Optimized for Facial Recognition Access

Suprema took its facial recognition technology to the next level.
BioStation 3 is a high-tech edge device that can run AI algorithm
locally. It uses an NPU, or Neural Processing Unit, to maximize the
performance of its AI engine. Combined with Suprema’s domain
knowledge and experience as a two-decade access control leader,
BioStation 3’s NPU-optimized AI algorithm offers the highest
standards in facial recognition accuracy and speed.

Accurately and rapidly recognize moving faces in high-traffic areas

Use dynamic face templates to increase matching performance with faces wearing masks, glasses, hats, beards,different hairstyles, etc.

Detect fake faces, images and photos

The Highest Level of Privacy Protection

BioStation 3 takes data protection very seriously.
· ISO/IEC 27001 certified to protect privacy and biometric data
· Designed to comply with GDPR, one of the strictest privacy regulations
· Embedded with Secure Element(SE) to prevent cyber-attacks
· Completed penetration testing through a verified institution
· Provided with ‘Face Template on Mobile’* credential

Easy Communication Across All Access Points

BioStation 3 enables integrated management over an entire access control system.
· Communicate seamlessly with all doors via VoIP Intercom
· Enable video monitoring via RTSP(Real Time Streaming Protocol)


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